The purpose of the GATE/FAST Program is to provide opportunities for high achieving students to develop the capacity to work at the upper boundaries of their abilities. The primary goal of the program is to empower students to become self-directed leaders with critical thinking skills. To this end, the program focus is the development of communication skills, creative problem solving strategies, individual talents and a love of learning.

In order to attain this goal, the program: identifies and services students in grades 3-8 through the use of multiple and unbiased identification tools; identifies and services English Language Learners through the FAST Program (Formulating and Assessing Student Talent), which develops program potential by offering a rigorous curriculum with special emphasis on vocabulary development; provides a differentiated curriculum that helps students to not only meet, but to exceed academic content standards; ensures community support by disseminating information about the GATE program through newsletters, handbooks, parent meetings, and through the local newspaper; provides professional development for all GATE staff in differentiating the core curriculum as well as on the social/emotional needs of gifted students, and encourages all GATE staff to attain GATE certification through CAG (California Association for the Gifted).