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RE: COVID-19 School Closures:

Our employees are now either Essential Staff or on Work from Home/On-Call status  Please note the following:

  • All work from home/on-call status contracted employees will not have to submit an Absence Slip from March 18 - April 13.

  • Long Term substitutes, certificated and classified, will be paid through March 17.  They will not be paid for the duration of the closure.

  • All essential staff employees will be required to submit their absence and complete an Absence Slip if they are absent for the entire workday.

  • All substitute staff should submit/turn-in their time cards on or before 4pm March 18,2020.

  • No paychecks will be picked up at the District Office.  Any employee not utilizing direct deposit will receive the paycheck by mail.  If an employee needs to report a change of address, direct them to contact HR.


Welcome to the Question and Answer list for LESD staff.  

This page will be updated as new information becomes available.


Q: Will my pay be impacted?

A: There will be no interruption to compensation or benefits for all contracted employees.  Checks will be auto deposited on March 31.  For those without automatic deposit, checks will be mailed to your home address.  There will be no paycheck distribution at the District office. 


Q: I am a substitute; will I get paid? 

A: District substitutes will be paid for the days they are assigned and on duty.  Substitutes may be entitled to unemployment benefits.   Refer to the link here.    


Q: Can I work if I want to?

A:  Essential positions, refer to the link here, will be required to work.  Those individuals will be notified directly by their supervisor.  If your position is not identified as Essential, you may not come to work.

Q: Can I access school/my classroom?

A:  Please stay off campus and out of your classrooms.  At minimum, this will allow any potential virus exposure to be eliminated.  


Q: How can employees participate in the delivery of meals to our students?

A: Thank you!  We are going to grow the food service as needed.  We will send a notice out if we need volunteers.  


Q: What is expected of me during this time? 

  • Essential Staff will continue to report to work during their normal work hours.

  • Employees who are age 65 or older can elect to self-isolate and remain home.  Normal notification to the employee’s supervisor is required and the employee will need to remain “available” during their normal work hours from home.  

  • Employees with a chronic health condition that may necessitate the need to self-isolate should contact Human Resources.

  • The Human Resources Department will remain open throughout the closure to answer individual questions and for employees to submit any paperwork for HR-related needs. 

  • Employees may use available personal sick leave if, due to illness, they are unable to work as directed during the March 18-April 13 school closure. Leaves: All employees currently on paid or unpaid leaves may continue those leaves during the school closure dates. Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions about your leave.

  • Employees can be required to perform regularly assigned work during an emergency as disaster service workers under Government Code 3100


Q: How will my timelines be impacted; i.e., IEP’s, report cards, state testing, etc.

A: At this time, we intend to pick up where we left off when school resumes.  More information will be communicated as we move forward.  


Q: Will we need to make up days?

A:  The assumption is no; however, we do not have official direction from the State on this. 


Q: I have a timesheet to submit; what do I do with it? 

A: Please complete and deliver to the District Office by end of the day, Wednesday, March 18, 2020. 


Q: Are we canceling out of District overnight field trips post-April 30?

A: It is not likely.  We will continue to monitor.  


Q: What do we do about scheduled substitutes?

A: Please do not make any adjustments in Frontline.  Human Resources will be managing all assignments.  


Q: Will the school year be extended into June and July, as is done with snow and heat days?

A:  The assumption is no; however, we do not have direction from the State on this yet.  


Q: What is the criteria for coming back to reopening school?

A:  There was no established criteria for school closure and no criteria has been established for reopening.


Q: Will employees be allowed to visit family outside of Kern County or California?

A: Your travel is at your discretion; however, you will be expected to return to work when asked and it may be a short timeline for you to return.  We will be providing as much up to date information as possible.  


Q: Will there be any impact on STRS amounts of service?

A: We assume there will be no impact on STRS/PERS; however, we have yet to receive direction from the State on this topic. 


Q: How long can school be closed and we still receive full compensation?

A: This is undetermined.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.  Contracted staff will continue to receive full pay and benefits.


Q: How will this impact transfer and job postings?

A: The transfer and reassignment process may be delayed.  We will update this information when determinations are made.


Q: What impact will this have on positions funded outside the general fund?

A: Regardless of funding source, it is our intention all contracted employees are to be held harmless.


Q: Will probationary employees have their probation extended?

A:  This is unnecessary for certificated employees.  We will explore options to extend the probationary period for classified staff, should it be needed. 


Q:  What if I have questions related to SpEd or COVID-19?

A: The following link will take you to FAQs related to those topics.

Click here to access


Q: Where do I go for up-to-date information?

A: Aeries Communication will be used to provide the initial delivery of up-to-date information.  The LESD COVID-19 website, COVID-19 LESD Website, will be updated as new information becomes available.